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Should I visit Beijing or Shanghai?

Dear grammarians, After the summer break, which helped us accumulate countless and varied contents to share with you, we come back with a new entry. On this occasion, we focus on travelling choices within China: where should I go, Beijing or Shanghai? Many of you may certainly think that both cities can be visited within […]

What language is more difficult? Chinese or English?

Dear Grammarians: Even though I have not conducted a scientific study or an official survey, experience tells me that a “Westerner” should answer that, undoubtedly, Chinese language is more difficult to learn than English. The reason for this answer surely lies in the vision of Chinese characters, so inscrutable without a minimum knowledge of Chinese […]

Ticket to Translation is back… to stay

Dear Grammarians: Almost four years have passed since our last entry. Neither the pandemic caused by COVID-19, nor work, nor social life, nor family, can justify our absence, so we apologise for the long delay and greatly appreciate your patience. Reading the last entry (LINK), from December 2018, I feel that I can reinvent myself, […]

Do you teach Chinese? Do you know the AEPEC?

Dear Grammarians, The Spanish Association of Teachers of Chinese Language (AEPEC) is a non-profit organisation that aims to serve as a platform for teachers, scholars and students of Chinese, as well as Spanish as a foreign language. So, if you teach Chinese to Spanish speakers or Spanish to Chinese speakers, this may be interesting for […]

Chinese Character Teaching Strategies

Dear grammarians,On our new post, we would like to introduce a research poster on Chinese character teaching strategies. So keep reading for more information about research posters and Chinese characters (汉字 hanzi) teaching methods and strategies. What is a Research Poster? A poster session or poster presentation is the presentation of research by an individual […]

Why you should read ‘A teacher in Kathmandu’

Dear grammarians,The addition of teaching Chinese as a foreign language among the services provided by BertaGrama Traducciones brought us memories of the book A teacher in Kathmandu, the unfinished story of Victoria Subirana, which takes off with the narrative of a young Spanish teacher embarking on a mission of solidarity and peaks with the consolidation of […]

Why people change their accent

Dear grammarians:Being a translator, one becomes interested in anything related to language. In our post today, we have chosen the accent as the core of our reflections and research, since accent is not just a way of speaking. On the contrary, studying accents made us ask ourselves about certain issues that are customary, but we […]

I challenge you to a duel (or how we do not respond to grievance anymore)

“I challenge you to a duel!” (June 2013) I wonder whether the rush we are advocated to within this world came naturally or, on the contrary, as a result of long discussions held by that secret group of powerful people who allegedly rules the world from their offices. Whatever the truth is, it is unquestionable […]

Beijing Subway

Dear grammarians, In line with our previous entry on public transportation for London, today we would like to offer an overview of Beijing Subway, as well as to inform you about the main features you will need to be aware of when travelling to the capital of China. As you can see on this map, […]

BertaGrama Traducciones: what does our logo mean?

Dear grammarians, As you may know, Ticket to Translation is part of our website of Translation and Interpretating services, BertaGrama Traducciones. Although we offer quite a wide variety of languages ​​that are not easily found on the Costa del Sol, we are specialists in Mandarin Chinese, that is, the official language of the People’s Republic […]