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Do you teach Chinese? Do you know the AEPEC?

Do you teach Chinese? Do you know the AEPEC?

Dear Grammarians,

The Spanish Association of Teachers of Chinese Language (AEPEC) is a non-profit organisation that aims to serve as a platform for teachers, scholars and students of Chinese, as well as Spanish as a foreign language. So, if you teach Chinese to Spanish speakers or Spanish to Chinese speakers, this may be interesting for you.

The AEPEC was founded at the end of 2007 in Valladolid, although its board of directors included Chinese teaching professionals from different cities in Spain, such as Granada or Madrid. It was the Chinese Cultural Center of Valladolid that promoted its constitution, but its activity decreased over time until it became totally inactive.

At the beginning of 2021, reactivation activities began, starting with the renewal of the board of directors. Thanks to the support of the Chinese Proficiency Test Spain Committee (CLEC),  with direct help of Ms Zhang Li, as well as thanks to the support of eminent persons from the University of Granada and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The board of directors is currently made up of the following members:

  • President: Berta Cano Martín
  • Secretary: Alejandro Romero Zurita
  • Treasurer: Gemma Fernández Moreno
  • Member: María A. Piernavieja Miguel
  • Member: Sai Kin Lee

Likewise, we have Ms Alicia Relinque Eleta, from the University of Granada, as Honorary President.

What are the objectives of AEPEC?

Regarding the mission of the AEPEC, two general objectives can be established:

Disseminate and promote the Chinese language as a foreign language and its culture in general.

Disseminate and promote Spanish as a second language for Chinese students.

In this sense, the AEPEC intends to work with native Chinese and native Spanish teachers in order to act as a bridge between Chinese teachers for foreigners and Spanish teachers for native Chinese. This is the great novelty with respect to the initial objectives of the AEPEC, which only contemplated the teaching of the Chinese language and not that of Spanish.

In this way, the AEPEC becomes the institution par excellence at the national level both for Chinese teachers and for teachers of Spanish to Sino-speakers. But not only that, but it will also be very useful for students of Chinese language and culture and those interested in the exchange between Spain and China, without the need to be teachers or students.

What are the advantages of becoming a member?

By registering as a member, you will automatically enjoy the following advantages:

Be the first to know about upcoming activities related to teaching Chinese.

  • Receive the newsletter in your inbox, so you can not worry and know that you will always be notified of everything.
  • Receive our support in the dissemination of activities and results of your research work.
  • Benefit from exclusive discounts on activities organised by the AEPEC and collaborating organisations.
  • Have the possibility of sharing activities, publications, projects, etc. on our blog. of which you have been a part.
  • Have an initial registration period only for members in courses, conferences and other activities, in order to have your place guaranteed.
  • Individual advice service, where you can, either by phone or video call, solve all your doubts about courses, scholarships, exams, stays and job offers. In addition, we help you choose what best suits your profile and your needs.
  • In addition, when you sign up, you can choose from a series of books and teaching materials that we will send you home.

How do I become a member?

To become a member of AEPEC and start enjoying all these advantages, follow these steps:

1. Make a deposit or transfer in favor of AEPEC in the current account of the association, belonging to Unicaja, adding the following text as a concept: “Quota Alta Socio (name and surnames)”: IBAN ES07 2103 0180 0500 3002 2511

2. The amount of the deposit or transfer can be:

€50 – annuity fee (2022)

€80 – instalment of two annuities (2022 and 2023)

3. Fill in the contact form with the required data and provide proof of the corresponding deposit or transfer. You can also write to us first to resolve any questions.

It is an essential requirement to proceed with the previous steps in order to be a full member of AEPEC. All partners will receive within approximately ten days a welcome message with the options of teaching materials for them to choose from. If we do not contact you, please write to us right away in case there was any problem.

The annual membership fee will be paid by deposit or transfer and covers calendar years, that is, it will be renewed in January of each year. However, those members who sign up after April will get n a discount on the following year’s membership fee. For example, if a member joins the AEPEC in May 2022, their annual fee will cover from May 2022 to December 2022, having to pay the fee corresponding to the calendar year 2023 again in January 2023, with a 25% discount.

I want to make a contribution to the AEPEC, what is the process to follow?

Depending on the type of contribution, there are two different ways:

– If you wish to receive our support in the dissemination of a project related to the teaching of Chinese or Spanish, we will launch a joint collaboration project. It may be the organisation or dissemination of a course, publication or conference, for example.

– If you are a researcher and would like to publish the results of your work, we can help you publish them as long as they meet the general requirements of any serious research work.

In any case, you can contact us through the form or by email

Do not hesitate to visit their website for more information!

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Katy Musselman
Katy Musselman
Wonderful service. Thank you!
Елизавета Алёшина
Елизавета Алёшина
Thanks for a rapid and accurate translation! The translator has done her job professionally and on time. Highly recommend
Guadalupe Benardelli
Guadalupe Benardelli
Gracias Berta por ayudarnos con la documentación para nuestras futuras negociaciones con china. Volveremos a contar contigo. Gracias.
Ana Herrera
Ana Herrera
Eficaz y muy correcto. Traducciones muy precisas.
Karol Casas
Karol Casas
Berta ha traducido del Inglés al Español y viceversa todos Los documentos requeridos durante mi caso legal de custodia en Reino Unido. Primero quiero resaltar su gran calidad humana, la cual hace de ella una persona muy comprensible y respetuosa. En segundo lugar, su gran profesionalismo al realizar su trabajo, ya qué es muy organizada , competente y puntual. Por ultimo, es una persona muy resolutiva, qué siempre va encontrar una forma de brindarte un buen servicio acorde a tu situación, lo qué significa estar en muy buenas manos.
Laura Andrea Marmolejo
Laura Andrea Marmolejo
Profesional con una ética impecable, su seriedad, discreción y compromiso, hacen que sus resultados sean eficientes y eficaces. Totalmente satisfecha!
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Laura Reina Cosano
Gran profesional, un servicio eficaz y a tiempo. Volvería a contratar sin ninguna duda.
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Angel Martin
Excelente trabajo muy recomendable

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