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"To speak another language is to possess a second soul".


Language learning will never go out of fashion. It is a tool that goes far beyond the needs of work, which are already very important. The motivation to learn a language can also come from one’s own curiosity to get to know another culture and other places.

It is true that, in this day and age, simple curiosity is often put aside in favour of other urgent activities, such as studying a language in order to obtain a diploma that will open doors for us in the short or long term. However, we assure you that studying for fun will multiply your knowledge and your level of the language exponentially. If you want to enjoy learning a language, you are in the right place. Whatever your objective, we want you to maintain your initial motivation, and even develop it as you see how you progress.

We adapt to you

¿Cuál es tu objetivo?

Whether you need to pass an exam to obtain an official certificate, or if you just want to learn the language at an oral level to be able to hold a conversation and defend yourself in everyday life, read on to find out if we can prepare for your exam!

In addition, we also offer private tutoring for school or university level. If what you’re taught in class doesn’t quite make sense to you, we’re here to help.

School support

Different levels including university


We prepare for a wide range of official exams


We help you to be able to hold day-to-day conversations.


Focused on companies in international business expansion.

We adapt to you

What languages do we teach?

We specialise in three of the most widely spoken languages in the world: Chinese, English and Spanish. In fact, English is the most widely spoken language in terms of the number of non-native speakers, while Chinese is still the language with the most native speakers.

Traductores de chino

Chinese language classes

Click here to see all the information about our Mandarin Chinese or Standard Chinese courses, i.e. the official language of the People’s Republic of China. We prepare for living and travelling in China as well as for the most recognised official certificates: HSK, YTC, HSKK, EOI.


Spanish classes

Our Spanish courses with a native teacher specialised in Spanish from Spain and Latin America. We prepare for the main official Spanish language certificates.


English classes

 There are a large number of exams to obtain an official certificate. We prepare for the most recognised official English certificates, such as Cambridge English (University of Cambridge), Aptis (British Council), TOEFL (United States) or Trinity College (London).


Con tan solo movil (u ordenador)

Learn online

Online mode

Due to the global situation caused by Covid-19, we are currently limited to virtual classes, which provide all the professionalism and effectiveness from the safety of your home.

Learn online

Learn online with other students of your level, in small groups (maximum 6 students). In addition, you will benefit from personal tutoring and access to all the class material, and you can review the class videos as often as you wish.

Weekly schedule

For each course, a weekly timetable will be planned in which you will be with other students in a homogeneous level group.


You will receive regular personalised tutorials so that you don't miss out on anything and can solve all your doubts.

We adapt to you

Why us?

Small Groups

interactive online class with other classmates.


Personal tutorials with the teacher to solve all your doubts.

Homogeneous groups

Same level for all students in the group

Fixed schedules

Two or three times a week.

Recorded classes

Access to online materials and all recorded lessons for review.

Online platform

Use of virtual learning tools.

Your Element Service

Our method and previous experience

My name is Berta Cano and I am a teacher and professional translator. I have an Official University Master’s Degree in Teaching Secondary Education, Vocational Training, Baccalaureate and Languages – speciality: Chinese, the only official Master’s Degree that qualifies to teach in public schools in Spain. In addition, I have a degree in Translation and Interpreting of English and Chinese from the University of Granada. Apart from my professional training, I have also studied and worked in the UK and China.

after more than 12 years of experience teaching languages...

I have seen that learning a language requires taking into account certain elements that go beyond the language itself:

Plans and courses


Depending on the type of course you choose, you can benefit from prices starting from €15 per session. We offer a variety of offers that you can easily take advantage of:

Group course


10 hour voucher

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We are based in Malaga and offer a variety of language combinations that are hard to find on the Costa del Sol, not only for translating, but also for teaching. For any further information you may need, please contact us using the form below, we will be happy to help you! 


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